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Linda Jefferson, husband and son Kyle“Mom, I’m joining the Army” were the scariest words I thought I’d ever hear. I work with military families and their individual housing needs, everyday, and suddenly, my son and daughter-in- law, with baby Hope on the way, we were going to become one of those families.

Our Support

I’ve always been pro-military.  I supported our country’s military efforts long before my 24-year-old son, Kyle, decided to join the Army and was eventually deployed to Iraq. I created this national network of GoArmyHomes Websites, to help military families through the rigors of finding housing when relocating to a new Duty Station. As a seasoned REALTOR®, I was reminded again, on this very personal level, of the pressures and problems facing our soldiers and their families, especially when it comes to finding immediate, affordable and comfortable housing.

Our Understanding

I don’t think the general public realizes how transient military lives are and how great the stresses can be. It is a little known fact that military families, returning to the United States from their tours of duty or even a PCS move, have just 10 days to find suitable housing, or be forced to privately pay for relocating and living expenses. Buying a home is a major life decision for anyone. But, it’s got to be ten times as frustrating and stressful for military folks, who must deal with a new REALTOR® each and every time they search for housing.

Our Mission

My message and mission are simple. To every wife, husband, mother and family member--- whose spouses or children are serving in our military in other parts of this vast and changing world ---please be comforted and aware that the services on this website are geared and ready to welcome home our returning soldiers and their families. Regardless of the post you choose to live and settle near, a GoArmyHomes family of housing professionals are waiting at your next post location, to provide immediate experience, knowledge and solid support. Our staff of carefully chosen, dedicated real estate and finance specialists embrace one goal: to help you find and get into the perfect home for you, fast and with no frustration. When you are ready to move, we hit the ground running and will not stop until we succeed.

Thank you and God bless you for your service to our country. Welcome home.

Linda Jefferson, Army Mom and Founder